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Tracy Anne Matley

Tracy is the Creator and Owner of Rainbow Retreats. Her vision for this Business is to provide a platform for families to connect at a deeper level to strengthen their relationships. She has a strong belief that each relationship within a family plays an integral role in how a child will communicate and relate to other people outside the family. These relationships within family create the foundation of healthy relationships with others.

Tracy started her career as an Early Childhood Educator where she taught Conversational English at an Independent English School overseas in Japan for 2.5 years. Alongside another teacher, she created an interactive and creative language program involving drama, creative art, games, singing, movement and storytelling. Tracy enjoyed working for over 10 years as a teacher in a variety of teaching settings such as Preschools, Schools and later became a Tafe Teacher where she created Curriculum Courses for Music in Early Childhood and Children’s Literature.

With her passion for working alongside people Tracy then became a Counsellor where she supported Adults, Children, Couples and Families in a range of Counselling environments from 1:1 sessions to small and large groupwork scenarios. Tracy also managed a Youth Service and a team of Youth Professionals who supported vulnerable youth and their families. Her experience in this role allowed her to see that early intervention is a vital key for parents to navigate through the challenging behaviours of teenagers who seek their independence early and are influenced heavily by their peers. Once boundaries and a healthy ways of communicating have been established prior to adolescents then this stage will be much more supported by a strong foundation of connection.

From her experience and knowledge of the challenges and joys that family life can bring, Tracy feels that making time to create healthy , connected relationships at an early stage in the relationship will impact greatly on maintaining healthy connections throughout life. It also fosters a healthy sense of self to step into life confidently with high self esteem and ways to relate to others and situations that are empowering.

As a parent of 2 young adults, now 18 and 19 years, Tracy has enjoyed raising her sons to be confident, motivated and caring young men. She has experienced the challenges and joys of parenting and after an amicable marriage break, Tracy also spent the past 8 years co-parenting as a Single parent.

Tracy’s vision is to provide families around the world Rainbow Retreats that provide a specific time and focus , away from the busyness of life, to nurture these important relationships with the aim of creating a more connected community full of confident individuals who communicate and relate well to each other.

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