Magic Moments Toolkit : For the ANXIOUS Child

Magic Moments Toolkit : For the ANXIOUS Child




This is an innovative, fun and creative Toolkit created to provide a parent or caregiver some practical activities to help their child through their anxious moments.


The Toolkit consists of :


* 3  x Creative Art Activities

* 3 x Mindfulness Activities

* 3 x Paired Yoga Poses

* 3 x Healthy Communication Activities

* 3 x Guided Meditations 


These activities all have an emphasis on building a child's confidence, self worth and self esteem. 


The 15 activities provide practical and effective ways to respond to anxious feelings, thoughts and behaviour.


They equip a child who experiences worry, doubt, fear, anxiety and stress to be empowered with ways to cope well with these feelings so that they can manage and regulate their own emotions and situations that may trigger these.


Magic Moments Toolkit has been created by 2 experienced therapists with a wide array of experience with working with families. Tracy is a qualified and experienced Child, Youth and Family Counsellor and Annie is an Art Therapist and Yoga Therapist. Together, they have created this program to support families to be more connected and creative with the ways they approach emotions and challenges in their life.


The word MAGIC enhances the positive impact these activities will have on a child providing NEW , EASY ways to magically change a situation for the better.


There will be a Series of Magic Moment Toolkits coming SOON! 

These will provide 15 activities to help support children with challenging situations and overwhelming emotions related to these.


Make your order TODAY and you will receive your Magic Moment Toolkit of 15 activites via email within 5 Business Working Days.


Sending Colourful cyber rainbows your way, 


Tracy and Annie

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