The impact of the Mother/son/daughter relationship on other relationships

The bond between both Mother / Daughter and Mother / Son creates a foundation for all other relationships.

The Mother /Daughter bond is a powerful relationship that affects health, self esteem and ways other relationships relate and connect.

A daughter observes her mother in the ways she shows her beliefs about her body, being female, her health and the possibilities in life. These observations are remembered unconsciously and played out later in life in other relationships. A daughter is highly influenced by her mother in how she views herself in her intimate relationships and how she mothers her own children. The type of relationship between the mother and daughter is often mirrored and reflected in these significant relationships later in life.

The Mother son bond begins at birth where he has the opportunity to develop a secure attachment both physically and emotionally which forms a strong foundation within the relationship. Stability and moral guidance is provided when a mother shows affectionate and empathy towards her son. When a sons needs are met by his mother it build trust and a sense of emotional security. As her son grows if the mother seeks her sons help or input he feels respected and valued which increases his self esteem and confidence.

When respect and love has been developed for his mother, a son will show love and respect for his lifetime partner. It has been noted that happy marriages are related to a warm and secure mother /child relationship.

Relationships change over time as both sons and daughters become more independent and this is crucial for the mother to allow her children to grow by approaching the relationship differently encouraging them each to be more and more independent becoming their own unique individuals.

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