Rainbow Retreats have been created to place value on the connections each family member has with each other. The Retreats give families special times away from their busy schedules to devote to strengthening their relationships.


We welcome and support each unique family to experience new ways of relating and communicating that will enhance a deeper connection for years to come. We recognise that these significant relationships form the basis of other important relationships outside of the family as children mature and connect with others.

Rainbow Retreats provide unique and specialised well-being programs that enhance and strengthen the connections between family members. We provide interactive weekend and mini day retreats for mothers & daughters and mothers & sons. The ages 8-12 years is a time where healthy communication skills can be established and integrated to create a strong foundation for the ongoing years into adolescents and adulthood. 

The common theme for both weekend and day Retreats is about healthy ways to communicate and relate with each other. We plan to expand these Retreats to Father/Daughter and Father/Son in 2020.

Rainbow Retreats also offer Training Workshops, both face to face and online, for therapists, yoga teachers and coaches who would like to deliver their own Rainbow Retreats. Those attending the workshops join the team of Rainbow Retreat Facilitators. A Handbook of the program has been created for facilitators to purchase and use as a guide.

It is envisaged that Rainbow Retreats will become a National and Global program that impacts positive connections within families all throughout the World.

Weekend Retreats

The Weekend Retreats cater for 5 mother/daughter pairs or 5 mother/son pairs. The primary focus of these weekends is to escape the busyness and distractions of life to spend quality time together creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

It is a fun, safe and nurturing time to learn new ways of communicating and relating that are practical and effective. The programs include lots of varied activities that include Communication workshops, meditation, bushwalking, yoga, games, art and movement.

Mini Day Retreats

Our Mini Day Retreats provide a snapshot of what the Retreats offer. We welcome both mother/daughters and mother/son pairs to these workshops. These mini day Retreats cater for up to 10 pairs.

We explore activities based upon the 7 Colours of the Rainbow (Chakras). We include activities such as meditation, paired yoga, activities using hoops, ball games, juggling, parachute games, laughter yoga, mindfulness, art and journaling.

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